Natusha Croes is a performance artist, writer and music maker. Born, raised and currently based on Aruba, which served as an inspiration for the cutting edge multi-sensorial experiences & artistic productions generated. Her work brings us back to the body, exiting the space of the mind empowering a heart-centered space of creation. Inviting us inside by creating both virtual as live spaces that enhances spiritual awareness. Igniting that creative force that enables us to move with curiosity towards liberating our inner artist from the trenches of disbelief into being the generators of a life stemming from our dreams. Her performances are ancestral incantations. Portals to another dimension.  A collaborative conversation in between nature and her senses. Activating a mindful journey within where we allow conscious breathing to lead us into a heightened embodied awareness. The sensations that follow lead us into moving from a sense of communion. Relaxing into loosening our sense of self and moving with an attention to the bodily sensations manifesting from the depth of our interior to connect with the textures and elements of the exterior reality. A rhythmic sense of connection is established. 

The body approaches the natural landscape as a scanner; as a transmitter of melodious words. Poetic incantations that reveal the hidden knowledge activated when we move from a heightened sense of awareness. Through the different artistic experiences I have both performed and facilitated. An important initiation into the journey is a sense of deep connection to our bodies. The body as a vehicle for understanding both our inner and outer realities. By noticing the constant pulsation. The in and out of breath. We are empowered again to create space and alignment in our bodies. 

I believe in the possibility for growth, expansion and self knowledge through an engagement with our creative capacity. I believe we can heal through a rigorous practice of diving deep inside, sitting in stillness, be a witness to our thoughts and flux of emotions rather then being controlled by them, learning about our heart and dreams through poetry and creative writing and reflection. I believe in the curative abilities of immersing all our senses in nature. Our ability to dream, to creatively engage is a manner of understanding our emotional bodies better. From there on we can start threading and creating a life in synchronicity with our heart. With what truly stirs us awake. 

CARICIA has been developed as an artistic brand that offers our visitors and locals a profound encounter with our natural heritage. Focusing upon wellness, creativity and eco-modalities of self-development.  All our senses are being stimulated to stir awake the wonder of our ancestral connection with nature. You are being guided on a journey of remembrance.  Using somatic technologies where we invite a mindful state of tapping into the body that we inhabit; connecting back to our breath, our senses, and in essence the fluid beings that we are. Breathing spaciousness and movement into the body. Enabling a profound state of receptivity which allows us to connect and reveal a creative conversation with the elemental condition and cultural implications the location provides. A site specific performative journey where we trace our sense of identity. Generating a microcosm of artistic products. The journey started with CARICIA, The Daimari Experience  which became the first of many locations. 

Our need to feel becomes a guiding compass allowing us to release stagnant energy, balance our nervous system, and feel empowered in our necessity to express authentically all the different parts of our being. To take note of all the vulnerable and wounded parts but also the sources of joy that enables us to become whole again. I move the body with the rhythm of the landscape, that movement is quickly translated into sound. That song is chanted and as a response from that conversation a self reflexive journey unfolds using multi-disciplinary art to unleash the different findings and puzzle pieces.  Spending time interacting, harmonizing and musicalising my environment becomes the performative operation that defines my work. A shamanic transmission activating the indigenous wisdom living in our fingertips. 

Moving according to the pulse of the inhale & exhale with a curious awareness of the elements that we find in the natural space we are investigating is a vital principle of the practice. Activating a safe space where we can calm our entire nervous system, look within; invite introspection and self-knowledge, and move from a sense of harmony with the natural traits of our environment. Trusting our intuition, exploring our embodied wisdom and developing an ecological means of practicing our spirituality.

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